Warrington School/Curriculum/Maths Objectives

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  • Level 3
    • Classify plane shapes and prisms by their spatial features.
    • Represent objects with drawings and models.
  • Level 4
    • Identify classes of two- and three-dimensional shapes by their geometric properties.
    • Relate three-dimensional models to two-dimensional representations, and vice versa.

Position and orientation

  • Level 3
    • Use a co-ordinate system or the language of direction and distance to specify locations and describe paths.
  • Level 4
    • Communicate and interpret locations and directions, using compass directions, distances, and grid references.


  • Level 3
    • Describe the transformations (reflection, rotation, translation, or enlargement) that have mapped one object on to another.
  • Level 4
    • Use the invariant properties of figures and objects under transformations (reflection, rotation, translation, or enlargement).