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Mathematics: Lead Teacher Information

Workshop Information 17/5/10

  • It is up to each individual school to get evidence of where children are achieving on  National Standards.   But must make sure that more than one testing method is being used (triangulation). School needs to know what is in place, that it is consistent and moderated.
  • when reporting to parents refer to the amount of progress that is being made towards reaching the National Standard. (are they on track?)
  • With  introduction of the National Standards expectations of where children are at have changed from what was on NZ Maths site:

                    After 1 year at school; completed Stage 3

                    After 2 years at school; completed Stage 4

                    After 3 years at school; working at Stage 5

                    End of Year 4; completed Stage 5

                    End of Year 5; working at Stage 6

                    End of Year 6; completed Stage 6

                    End of Year 7; working at Stage 7

                    End of Year 8; completed Stage 7

  • When assessing children,look at where they are and work out what the next step will be (don't get too caught up on Standards!)
  • take  'snapshots' throughout year to check to see that children are moving through stage/s. Can use one part of Gloss to check where are in particular topic
  • For those children well below where they should be (2 stages below), involve parents in achieving goals.  With parent/s and child set small step for child to achieve. Make an action plan for this and set new interview time to discuss progress and set new goals as appropriate
  • Make sure of consistency in standards of  each Stage/level. Moderate (as for writing tasks) to confirm that all teachers are using same benchmarks. (Use National Standards to set these)
  • Teaching rather than testing is important.  Do NumPa/ GLOSS/IKan at end of year and use this information for following year.  No need to retest at beginning of year
  • Use NumPa test at Year 2 and Year 4, but otherwise IKAN test is appropriate
  • Use ArBs to produce tests for topics during the year as minature diagnostic tests.
  • PAT usefulto get information.  If note low in an area of Strands from PAT,then use Asttle to find the gap in knowledge

How to fit everything in?

  • cover numeracy even when doing Strands ( Use Book 9: Teaching Number through Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics; from Numeracy series)
  • use estimating activities as starter activities