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Huriawa Peninsular

Warrington School Maori Curriculum

Children learn to:

  1. Develop an awareness and knowledge of Maori culture, through history, legends, art forms, music, games, and protocols
  2. Utilise local expertise and resources to increase understanding
  3. Know how to use simple greetings and phrases
  4. Know about events of the past and how they affect and influence the present and future of the Maori people

Present achievements

  • Can greet and farewell each other in Maori
  • Pronunciations are improving
  • A few instructions are given each day in Maori
  • Build up to the Matariki evening each year with Kaupapa Maori performances
  • Entering the East Otago Kaupapa Maori Festival
  • Have opportunities to perform
  • A day each year is devoted to Maori arts and crafts - eg harakeke, tukutuku.
  • Visit Puketeraki Marae/Huriawa Pa alternate years

Class Programme

We aim to:

  • To build an ever increasing vocabulary
  • Plant native plants and share their names in Maori, how and what they were used for and why they should be cared for
  • Locate native flora and fauna share their names in Maori, how and what they were used for and why we should continue to care for them
  • Understand the celestial aspects of te ao o te Maori - seasons - Summer - Raumati, Autumn - Ngahuru, Winter - Takurua, Spring - Koanga, navigation
  • Archeology
  • Land forms
  • Waitangi Day celebrated with children learning why we celebrate it and viewing how others celebrate it
  • Study Maori current affairs - Ratana Church, Maori Party, Treaty Of Waiatngi
  • Share information about
    • famous Maori leaders - e.g Dame Whina Cooper, [Iti]
    • musicians - Tiki Taane, Herbs, Hirini Melbourne, Bic Runga
  • discuss food knowledge of past and present practices - hangi, Kumara, fern root, modern hui catering
  • discuss passive resistance of Chatham Islands Moriori and Tohu and Te Whiti of Parihaka.
  • discuss myths and legends of Aotearoa me te tangata whenua iwi
  • Mihi
  • Mihi
  • Mihi for year levels
  • Mihi Crossword - Senior
  • Word Match - Senior
  • Kei te pehea koe - how are you?
  • Nga Whakapai - Praise
  • Pronunciation/alphabet
  • Greetings/Farewell
  • Number
  • Art works
  • The body
  • Customs
  • Harakeke
  • Waka - The migration
  • Te Marae - Puketeraki, Kati Huirapa
  • Commands
Language will develop within context of learning situations

Music and Waiata

Tangata Whenua

Myths and legends

100 words


Kupe2 Weapons Fishing/hunting medicine Huiriawa Festival Treaty of Waitangi Tohunga Taniwha Taniwha2 Clothing Games Pakeha Gods