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Playtime Supervision

 Teachers who were on duty wearing high vis vests 


  • Results in schools where problems in playground were diminished considerably
  • We would like students to socialise with others but don't want them using unacceptable behaviours or "go too far" when they are doing "kid things."
  • Visible duty teacher gives other kids an "out" allowing them to model appropriate behaviours

"Stop it Mr P is coming"


  • Children who may have been considering doing something naughty see the duty teacher and think again
  • Students who may want to find a duty teacher do so easily


  • When I was on duty I always whistled loudly then children would know I was around and stop doing what they shouldn't be doing or get caught doing it -

but they had the opportunity to make the decision

    • Very similar to police who drive in marked cars get traffic to slow down where as mufti cars simply catch people who are breaking the law


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