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My little buddies - GNU and Tux

GNU/Linux - Open Learning Inquiry

An experiment in shared ideas through open planning

This term we are going to be exploring GNU/Linux and Open ideas while conducting an Inquiry

  • We can explore a topic of your choice including your favourite
    • computer game
    • application
    • feature or music
    • or ANYTHING - see list of ideas below.
Explore and immerse with your 5 senses, artist images, music, news, books, email, experts, dance, photos, stories, drama, video etc 

You are going to find out by asking questions


 We brainstormed ideas for social and enviro-social/science/ethical implications of Gnu-Linux and came up with some interesting
 and exciting avenues to potentially explore:  See Room 1  Brainstorm Inquiry on Gnu-Linux
 Immersion activity that is getting us thinking about "Getting the Message across" using Blooms taxonomy in 
"H.O.T. units, Higher Order Thinking Units" Book two, year 5-8 by Elaine le Sueur (Think Shop resources for thinking , 2005)

Recording and organise information

  • Starting with a plan of learning intentions
  • Mind maps and a term planner (this is a Monday/Tuesday option only)
  • A journal of what you are doing will be recorded
    • Before you start each day you will need to record diagrammatically a learning intentions plan
    • In the last hour of the day - (readiness for next year's Mahara Blog)
  • This is to be recorded each day in a format of choice but easily shared
    • pen, book, picture, cartoon, photos, voice, audio recording - BBFM
    • or as a graph, venn chart, mind map, story plan, T chart, Open Office - word/drawing
    • to be negotiated


Share your new learning and understandings at the end of year assembly


  • Dance, drama, speech, music, art etc genre of your choice
  • The assembly will be the 15th December with a dress rehearsal Monday 13th
  • Can work singularly or in a group (to be negotiated)
  • Time on stage is one minute per person
To include understandings of GNU/Linux and Open learning as well as topic choice

Ideas and themes for this term

BBOSI, science fair, science table, pottery - firing, dance, camp Waianakarua, drumming, whakatauki, mihi, athletics, swimming, surf group/education, produce shield, Rabbit Island, digital image manipulation - OpenOffice Draw/Gimp, waiata, gardening, digital photography, Life Education Classsroom - Relationships, compost, worm farm, planting/weeding/havesting/fertilizing of gardens, English, Kia Kaha - some parts, Miners in Chile, Politics of the Commonwealth Games, mathematical investigation, MUSIC MONDAY, Laptop installation, Steampunk, Tarras School,

Daily Learning Method

Include maths and other scheduled times
  • Begin work on achieving above goals