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Face to Face

An intervention programme for pupils,
identified by their classroom teachers,
as achieving below their expected level

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  • To provide one on one teaching to assist pupils with:
    • skills, techniques, knowledge and strategies
    • confidence building

Pupils will be chosen by:

  • Priority of needs weighted by:
    • Pupil's inability to cope with classroom programme
    • Pupil's prior time with face to face assistance
    • Mainly maths and English based
    • Time the pupil has been at school
    • Duration of the pupil's attendance at Warrington School
    • To meet requirements in the School's Charter and National Administration Guidelines 1c and 2c
Funded by the Board of Trustees and from the Special Education Grant

Other outcomes

  • Assist teachers in making changes to their classroom programmes to better suit the need of face to face pupil
  • Entry and exit assessment statement that can be used in a pupil's report
  • Basic check of visual/auditory responses - i.e colour blindness, short sightedness
  • Pupils who are achieving way beyond their expected range may also be included if:
    • The classroom programme is not catering for their needs
    • They have a learning deficit in other areas
    • A more individualised programme is deemed as suitable

How to

  • Teachers will nominate likely pupils for the programme using the F2F Google Document
    • Based on assessment data