Warrington School/Board Of Trustees/Trustee's Code of Behaviour Policy

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Trustees’ Code of Behaviour Policy

The board is committed to ethical conduct in all areas of its responsibilities and authority. Trustees shall:

  • Maintain and understand the values and goals of the school
  • Protect the special character of the school
  • Ensure the needs of all students and their achievement is paramount
  • Be loyal to the school and its mission
  • Publicly represent the school in a positive manner
  • Respect the integrity of the principal and staff
  • Observe the confidentiality of non-public information acquired in their role as a trustee and not disclose to any other persons such information that might be harmful to the school
  • Be diligent and attend board meetings prepared for full and appropriate participation in decision making
  • Ensure that individual trustees do not act independently of the board’s decisions
  • Speak with one voice through its adopted policies and ensure that any disagreements with the board’s stance are resolved within the board
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility
  • Recognise the lack of authority in any individual trustee or subgroup of the board in any interaction with the principal or staff
  • Recognise that only the chairperson (working within the board’s agreed chairperson role description or delegation) or a delegate working under written delegation, can speak for the board
  • Continually self-monitor their individual performance as trustees against policies and any other current board evaluation tools
  • Be available to undertake appropriate professional development

Review schedule: 3 years