Warrington School/Board Of Trustees/The Relationship between the Board and the Principal Policy

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The Relationship between the Board and the Principal Policy

The performance of the school depends significantly on the effectiveness of this relationship and as such a positive, productive working relationship must be developed and maintained. The board and the principal form the leadership team and as such clear role definitions have been developed. The Responsibilities of the Principal and Responsibilities of the Board policies along with the board’s agreed Code of Behaviour should be read alongside this policy.

  • This relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, integrity and ability.
  • The relationship must be professional.
  • The principal reports to the board as a whole rather than to individual trustees.
  • Day to day relationships between the board and the principal are delegated to the chair.
  • All reports presented to the board by the staff arrive there with the principal’s approval and the principal is accountable for the contents.
  • There are clear delegations and accountabilities by the board to the principal through policy.
  • The two must work as a team and there should be no surprises.
  • Neither party will deliberately hold back important information.
  • Neither party will knowingly misinform the other.
  • The board must maintain a healthy independence from the principal in order to fulfil its role
  • The principal should be able to share their biggest concerns with the board.

Review schedule: 3 yearly