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Written in a manner so all concerned can clearly understand the process


  • To evaluate each staff member’s performance against pre-defined objectives to identify successes, achievements and aspects requiring development
    • For teachers the objectives will be found in the Registered Teacher Criteria and their job descriptions
      • For other staff the objectives will be found in their job descriptions
  • To obtain information from appraisals that will provide the basis for decisions about priorities for professional support and development
  • To follow procedures that comply with the MOE's School Performance Management protocols


  • To focus on the needs of the staff, school and wider community
  • Appraisal procedures are prepared in consultation between staff and board
  • Appraisal is consistent with principles of openness, professional advancement, confidentiality and helpfulness to individual staff members
  • Every staff member is appraised annually
  • The Board Chairperson and the Principal will formally report to the board each year that they have administered appraisals in accordance with this policy
  • Individual appraisal documents are confidential to the staff member and the appraiser, and no part of that document may be made available or divulged in any way to another party without the written and signed consent of the staff member and appraiser
  • Every staff member has a job description containing objectives that form the basis for performance appraisal in relation to their school duties
    • Job descriptions may be revised subject to approval being given by the board to any changes made
  • For teachers - additional to job description objectives, other development objectives and registered teacher criteria are mutually agreed between Principal and each teacher, and between the Chairperson and Principal along with a written statement of the assistance or support to be given.
  • The appraisal process requires that:
  1. Each staff member conducts a self-appraisal by rating and noting performance in relation to job description and development objectives
    • Performance will be marked as High Achievement, Achieved, Development Needed
  2. An appointed appraiser - usually the Principal or designated teacher or Board consultant independently marks and notes performance of the staff member in relation to the same job description and development objectives, ensuring that decisions are formed after suitable observations
  3. The appraiser and appraisee meet together to discuss and compare their respective views and ratings of performance and to decide on an agreed rating for each performance objectives, taking account of all available evidence to support the decisions
    • Where agreement cannot be reached, this is noted, along with reasons. The appraiser’s copy of the appraisal document is the official report which is to be signed by the appraiser (and Principal) and staff member to verify the completion of the process the appraiser and Principal and staff member shall each have a copy of the completed report
  • Every year each staff member receives opportunities and support for undertaking personal professional development and improvement. A record is kept of each staff member’s professional development programme and the support provided

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