Warrington School/Board Of Trustees/Staff Leave of Absence

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  • To comply with the good employer principles outlined in the State Sector Act and with all current industrial awards.

To ensure equitable treatment for all staff when granting leave and ensuring that the staffing needs of the school are met.

  • 1. All applications for leave are submitted to the Principal in writing, so that the Principal

an make a recommendation to the Board.

  • 2. All staff members consult their employment contract before preparing an application.
  • 3. Under most circumstances the Principal on behalf of the Board gives approval for leave of absence.
  • 4. Applications for leave for periods of less than five days which can reasonable be foreseen are submitted to the Principal at least one month in advance. Leave for periods of five or more days which can be reasonably foreseen are submitted to the Board through the Principal at least two months in advance. On occasions when this is not possible (e.g. sudden serious illness of a partner or dependent) the Principal will exercise discretion.
  • 5. A right of appeal on the decision will be heard by a committee consisting of the Board Chairperson or nominee, the Staff Representative, the Principal, and one other (for gender balance). The NZEI staff liaison officer may be present.

6. The maximum leave available to a staff member is one year. Staff not intending to return to school after one year’s leave inform the board of their intention to resign by 15 September in the year of their absence.

  • 1. This procedure will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  • 2. Both the current version of the procedure and any proposed revisions to this procedure will be made available to staff, parents or other interested parties, for comment and review.
  • 3. The board will make its review report available to parents and staff.