Warrington School/Board Of Trustees/Special Needs

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  • To provide high quality and balanced programmes which stimulate interest and enjoyment in learning and cater for individual children’s needs.
  • 1 The Board of Trustees, staff and wider school community show a commitment to meeting the individual needs of students within the school.
  • 2. Identify the pupils in need of support and their individual learning needs.
  • 3. Identify barriers to learning and progress, and address those within the schools control.
  • 4. The Principal, in consultation with staff, will manage the Special Education Grant to meet these needs utilising appropriate resources and personnel.
  • 1. This procedure will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees, teaching staff and parents in accordance with the self-review timetable.
  • 2. The review will be conducted in the form of a survey using the objectives listed above as the criteria for determining the effectiveness of the procudure in action.