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Harassment Policy

Purpose To cover the requirements in safeguarding against sexual and racial harassment, including procedures for making and dealing with complaints


  • 1.In the event of a complaint relating to sexual and racial harassment the complainant may approach:
    • 1.1 an NZEI counselor
    • 1.2 staff liaison officer
    • 1.3 the Principal
    • 1.4 the Board Chairperson.
  • 2.Documented evidence will be prepared by the complainant with the assistance of her/his elected support person.
  • 3.If it is decided that further action should be taken, the parties concerned have access to support personnel of their choice as in objective 1, and all parties concerned will be presented with documented evidence.
  • 4.If the decision to take further action is made, all parties should be informed and the complaint should be made through one of the following avenues:
    • 4.1 the Principal or Board of Trustees chairperson.
    • 4.2 for a Personal Grievance, through an Industrial Advocate or NZEI Field Officer (Award 9.1,9.3)
    • 4.3 the Human Rights commission.

Policy Review

  • This procedure will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  • The board will make its review report available to parents and staff.

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