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  • Procedures for gaining access to the school buildings.

  • The keys to the administration and classroom buildings are security keys that can only be

re-cut with the permission and signature of the School Secretary and Principal and must he accounted for at all times. Staff have numbered keys and do not have authority to lend them out.

  • For safety and security reasons all requests for access must go through the principal.
  • 1. Request should be made by phone or in person to principal well in advance.
  • 2. Notify the principal of the purpose for gaining access, e.g. contractors or workmen needing to be on the premises.
  • 3. Supply a statement about duration of access required.
  • 4. Book to be signed on uplifting and returning of keys.
  • 5. No reasonable request will be denied.
  • 6. Anyone on the premises should be fully aware of privacy issues.