Warrington School/Board Of Trustees/Relief Teaching Supply Staffing

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  • To ensure there are sufficient registered teachers at the school to maintain the agreed staffing establishment.
  • 1. A relief teacher is employed when a teacher is on leave or is absent for any reason.
  • 2. Preference will be given to available registered relievers.
  • 3. If no registered teachers are available, persons with Registration Board ‘Limited Authority to Teach’ will be considered.
  • 4. A person who is neither registered nor has limited authority may be employed for a maximum of 10 days and under the agreed supervision of a registered teacher.
  • 5. In the case of no reliever the Principal will decide whether to redistribute pupils to other classrooms or arrange supervision by a responsible adult.
  • 6. The Chairperson of the Board, MOE, NZEI, and NZSTA will be notified.
  • 7. If this situation continues beyond one day, parents will be asked to keep children at home.
  • 8. All Parents will be notified of the reasons for staffing difficulties and the arrangements the school has put in place.
  • 9. No child will be kept at home for more than 5 days. (Education Act 1989)
  • 10. If staffing problems escalate where the continued operation of the school is unsafe, the Chairperson and Principal will close the school and inform the Ministry.
  • 11. The Board will endeavour to re-establish sale staffing levels as soon as possible.

  • 1. This procedure will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  • 2. Both the current version of the procedure and any proposed revisions to this policy will be made available to staff, parents or other interested parties, for comment and review.
  • 3. The board will make its review report available to parents and staff.