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Principal’s Performance Appraisal Policy

The principal’s performance is appraised on an annual basis with the objective of ensuring high quality educational opportunities for the students of the school. This process will:

  • Ensure that the principal’s performance will be formally appraised on an annual basis by the board chairperson or delegate(s) and, at the board’s choice, either an independent consultant who specialises in education and is able to review the effectiveness of the education provided or other suitable trustee.
  • Result in a written assessment of the principal’s performance on an annual basis, identifying any training/professional development needs for the principal to undertake.
  • There will be three informal meetings during the review period between the principal and chairperson or delegate(s) to discuss progress.
  • The criteria for appraisal will be the objectives set in the performance agreement, the objectives being drawn from the school’s strategic and annual operating plans, the principal’s job description, professional standards and board policies on operations.
  • If there is any disagreement between the principal and the board as to the objectives, the board, after considering the principal’s input, will amend and confirm the amended objectives or confirm the unchanged objectives. The board’s decision will be final.
  • The board chairperson or delegate(s) may seek feedback on the principal’s performance from staff, parents, or any other person/s who are in the position of providing feedback on how the principal has performed.
  • The chairperson or delegate(s) will report back formally once a year to the board a summary report on the result of the appraisal. This will be discussed in committee with the principal absent.
  • The performance agreement and results of the appraisal are confidential to the principal, the board and their agents unless both parties agree to wider distribution.
  • In the event of a dispute relating to the appraisal results, the board may choose to exercise its right to make a final decision or appoint an independent mediator to mediate. Ultimately the board will have responsibility for any final decision.

Review schedule: Annually