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Parent Help Procedures


  1. To give guidelines on how parents can help in school
  2. To ensure good communication between teachers and parent helpers
  3. To provide a framework for the operation of the helper system.


  • Adults are welcome to help in school at times that are mutually agreed upon.
  • Whilst we appreciate help of a regular nature in the classrooms, there are also a variety of tasks that can be done either outside of the classroom or at home
  • Parent help is also welcomed in terms of “odd jobs” and gardening around the school assisting to maintain the school grounds.
  • Adults helping in school with the children will be always under the supervision of the class teacher, who will explain the task, what is required of the children and the helper’s role within that setting
  • Teachers reserve the right to suggest the adult helper to work in a different classroom from their own child if it is felt their presence is adversely affecting class work.
  • Adult helpers are welcome into the staffroom at breaktimes, but everyone should be aware that items of a confidential nature are sometimes

discussed and the need for confidentiality must be respected.

  • We also ask that confidentiality be maintained in respect of the children’s attainments, attitudes and behaviours observed during adults role as a helper.  Any matter that is of concern should be discussed with the Principal immediately in order for any misunderstandings or difficulties to be addressed

Information to be shared with Adult Helper

Parents are always welcomed into the classroom as helpers and your help is valued very highly

The following guidelines are in no particular order

  • Arrange your time in the classroom with the teacher in advance
  • If you are unsure of what you have been asked to do, please check immediately with the teacher
  • You should never be left in the classroom with the children on your own
  • Children will sometimes “push the boundaries” when with a helping parent.
  • Please do not to initiate contact with children – let them take the lead, but discourage over familiarity
  • If a child asks to go to the toilet, refer them to the class teacher.
  • Helping dress/undress for swimming etc., encourage the child to do as much as possible for themselves
  • Please do not be tempted to relay anything you have seen or heard in a classroom to other parents,
  • If you have any concerns at any time about the way a child has been treated, inform the Principal.
  • Please be aware that your presence in the classroom may well affect your child’s behaviour in all sorts of ways
  • Prepare your child for the experience by explaining in advance that
  • You will be in the class to help all the children
  • The teacher is in charge
  • Helping in the classroom means that you are privy to “inside information”, especially when staff are talking together
  • Please exercise confidentiality in all respects