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Warrington School Policy 4 – Health and Safety

National Administration Guideline 4

Each board of trustees is also required to: i. provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students; ii. comply, in full, with any legislation currently in force, or that may be developed, to ensure the safety of students and employees.

Our commitment:

Students and staff shall have a safe physical and emotional learning environment. Therefore, the principal shall not fail to:

  • take all reasonable steps to protect students, staff and visitors to the school from unsafe or unhealthy conditions
  • ensure there is zero tolerance to bullying
  • ensure there are effective processes in place for dealing with bullying
  • comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
  • provide a smoke free environment
  • ensure a risk analysis management system (RAMS) is carried out where and when appropriate
  • seek approval for all overnight stays/camps attesting first to their compliance with (4) above
  • consult with the community every two years regarding the health programme being delivered to students
  • provide privacy of personal documentation held at the school
  • advise the board chair of any emergency situations as soon as possible

Under NAG 5 Warrington School also has the following procedures which can be found on the wiki.

  • Custodial agreements
  • Emergency
  • Education outside the classroom (EOTC)
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Sexual and physical abuse
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol