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Meeting Process Policy

The board is committed to effective and efficient meetings that are focused at a governance level and provide the information the board needs to be assured that all policies, plans and processes are being implemented and progressing as planned. Meetings:

  • are based on a prepared annual agenda. The agenda preparation is the responsibility of the chairperson. Sufficient copies of the agenda of the open (public) session will be posted on the board of trustees notice board and available at the meeting place for the public.
  • are held with the expectation that trustees have prepared for them and will participate in all discussions at all times within the principles of acceptable behaviour.
  • have the right, by resolution, to exclude the public and news media from the whole or part of the proceedings in accordance with the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act. Decisions by the board are fully recorded but remain confidential. The board needs to:
  • make the reasons for excluding the public clear
  • reserve the right to include any non-board member it chooses

Review schedule: 3 years