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Cake Stall - Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

NAGs 4 and 5 New Zealand Schools OER Portal/Governance

August 2010

First Aid

  • For minor injuries treat and place details in accident register
  • Mild head injuries treat and phone call parents and monitor pupil for concussion
  • Severe injuries administer first aid and phone 111 and then phone parents
  • Staff member to accompany child to hospital if parent or caregiver not present
Only under exceptional circumstances should staff administer any medication - if a child is sick they should go home


Drop, Cover, Hold

  • The teachers will use the word “DROP” when an earthquake is felt. If you are outside, stay outside until the event is over
  • Teachers must look after themselves - keep themselves safe, not be concerned about children who are in the wrong place
  • Children are then to place themselves under a table and hold on until the “all clear” signal is given. Teachers will say “all clear”
  • Stay inside if possible (If the building is structurally damaged go outside and stay outside)
  • If there are not enough tables children will kneel, bow, place arms overhead. All children will move away from windows - and turn away from the windows
  • Treat injuries and put out small fires, evacuate if fires can't be controlled
  • Be prepared for aftershocks and turn off water and electricity if it is safe
  • Listen to the radio for civil defence advice. Tune to National Radio, Newstalk ZB, Classic Hits, More FM or Radio Live. Use car radios as alternative
  • Strong earthquakes - evacuate as for a Tsunami

Evacuation Signal

  • The evacuation signal is a continuous - ringing of the hand bell or shouting of “evacuate evacuate”
  • Children are to move out to the tennis court and assemble in an orderly fashion under the guidance of the teachers
  • Teachers where possible are to where possible
    • Bring attendance registers and first aid kits
      • Check the toilets, library, classrooms, admin block and staffroom for children/adults
        • Close doors
  • Teachers will call the class roll
  • Phone the Fire Brigade, or organise for someone to ring – 111


  • After a severe earthquake or alerted by authorities of a possible Tsunami evacuate as above
  • Walk or transport children past the playcentre, hall, up Perry Street and up to the top of Porteous Road
  • Take warm clothing, parent contact lists and first aid kits if easily accessible

Aggressive Person or Animal

  • Stay calm, guide person/animal away from children, alert another adult of situation by sending a pupil saying - “emergency”
  • If person/animal is highly agitated and not able to be shifted move children away to safe area in another part of school or from school grounds – see Tsunami and phone 111
  • If it is a highly agitated pupil phone parents immediately. If not contactable phone 111

Storms, Floods and Volcanic Eruptions

  • Use the inside of the Yellow pages phone book as guide


  • See the current guidelines from the Ministry of Education outlined in the Pandemic Plan

Winter Weather

  • School closure or delayed start – this will be relayed on local radio stations and available on 4717555 or 4748426
  • Do not drive in dangerous conditions or when the road is closed

In Case of Emergency

  • Contact - Board Members, bus driver and local parents identified as nurses
  • Lists of student names and contact details are available on the staffroom and Principal's office noticeboards.
  • First aid kits are in staff toilet cupboard and in the Principals office shelves
  • Use common sense, stay calm, no heroes and follow Civil Defence instructions
  • If children are not picked up by parents/caregivers they will remain the responsibility of school staff members
  • Back-up student contact details will be kept in the school safe and off site