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  • Students and staff will feel safe in a caring environment which provides maximum opportunity for learning. The rights of students, staff and caregivers will be respected.
  • Methods of discipline will conform to the philosophy of the school charter.
  • 1. All staff members, including part-time teachers and relievers will accept that discipline of the students is an integral part of sharing positive relationships with all of the children.
  • 2 Positive behaviour of children will be recognised and rewarded consistently.
  • 3. Discipline will be reasonable, appropriate, consistent and non-violent.
  • 4. Teachers will make clear to students the expected standards of behaviour and the consequences of actions or inaction’s by students with reference to the school’s Code of Conduct Policy.
  • 5. Where appropriate caregivers will be kept informed of both positive and negative behaviour by students and their support asked for in disciplinary matters. Staff will, be encouraged to use staff meeting times to discuss any current concerns.
  • 6. If student does not accept discipline from a teacher, or in the event of extreme violence or abuse, the student will be dealt with by the Principal. Caregivers will be informed if a child is sent to the Principal repeatedly or if misbehaviour is extreme.
  • 7. Where appropriate action has been taken by a staff member this will be supported by other Staff, Principal and Board. For extreme or on-going behaviour problems the Board and the Principal will support staff in seeking extra assistance e.g. Special Education Service, Health Nurse, Advisors and Visiting Teacher.
  • 8. Discipline against a student will be documented for serious incidents or where the behaviours of a child are causing concern. This documentation will be made available to the board and specific caregivers.
  • 9. Complaints about discipline, whether written or verbal, and unresolved complaints will be brought to the attention of the Board who will take appropriate action to seek resolution.
  • 10. Training in discipline will be encouraged as part of the professional development of staff.
  • 1. This procedure will be reviewed according to the Board’s self review timetable.
  • 2. The review will be conducted in the form of a parent and staff survey, using the objectives listed above as the criteria for determining the effectiveness of the policy in action.
  • 3. The board will make its review report available to parents and staff