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Warrington School Policy 1 - Curriculum

National Administration Guideline 1 Each board of trustees is required to foster student achievement by providing teaching and learning programmes which incorporate the New Zealand Curriculum (learning areas, key competencies, and values) as expressed in the National Curriculum document 2007.
Our commitment:

Warrington School provides balanced teaching and learning programmes that equip each student with the best possible education, and the necessary skills, self-confidence, and commitment to continuous development that will enable them to meet life’s demands.

Delivery of the curriculum shall foster student progress and achievement and meet all legislative requirements and Ministry and board expectations. Therefore the principal may not fail to:

  • 1. provide opportunities for success for all students (in years 1-8) in all essential learning areas and skill areas of the New Zealand Curriculum
  • 2. give priority to student achievement in literacy and numeracy
  • 3. give priority to regular quality physical activity that develops movement skills for all students (especially in years 1-6)
  • 4. report on progress and achievement of all students including information in relation to National Standards as per the board’s three year work plan and agreed reporting formats
  • 5. identify students at risk of not achieving including those gifted and talented students and implement teaching and learning strategies to address needs
  • 6. ensure there is a focus on the national priority groups of Maori, Pasifika and students with special learning needs in school planning and reporting
  • 7. consult with the school’s Maori community about the policies/plans for improving the achievement of Maori students
  • 8. provide career information and guidance for year 7 students and above.
  • 9. seek board approval before changes to the school curriculum requiring increased expenditure or significant changes to programmes or staffing are made
  • 10. ensure achievement of the Charter aims and targets

Review schedule: Triennially Reviewed March 2012

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