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Part-time Caretaker/Groundsperson


  • Permanent


  • Board of Trustees through the Principal


  • 4 hours per week (approximately) to be negotiated at the end of each year

Personal Requirements

We would like someone who:

  • Can appreciate the Warrington School's wonderful buildings and grounds and maintain them to a standard that can be enjoyed by all
  • Will want to be part of the Warrington team - so needs a good sense of humour, can cope with chaos, and would like to work alongside staff, children, board of trustees and community members
  • Is capable of using the school's hand tools - hammer, saw, paintbrush, spade, broom, hedge cutters, wheel barrow and electric battery drill etc
  • Has initiative to prioritise and can work without supervision

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Will establish and run a workshop with the above tools labeled and set out for ease of use for themselves, staff and pupils
  • Can work carefully on a ladder to the height of the ceilings and gutters - inspection and ball retrieval only
  • Tidying/picking up – sticks, branches, pieces of timber, rubbish and disposing of appropriately
  • Sweeping – paths, tennis court, outside school, driveway etc
  • Weeding and clearing around school wherever necessary with emphasis on high traffic areas first - paths, veranda, banks, driveway, carpark and changing sheds etc
  • Clearing drains and waterways
  • Tasks as directed by Principal that don't require a registered trades person e.g changing light bulbs, smoke alarms batteries, painting of small areas or touch-ups, sorting and displaying tools, fixing deck rails, reattaching toilet seats, cleaning up bodily fluids, laying bait for pests, repairing furniture etc
  • Keeping all sheds tidy
  • Can lift and carry heavy items using a wheel barrow or sack trolley
  • Safety check of the school indoor and outside including playground equipment
  • Supervising or organising outside contractors or PD gang help for gutter cleaning, hedge trimming, water blasting or grounds development
  • Can supervise voluntary help from adults or children
  • May need to learn how to maintain and chlorinate the swimming pool
  • Will need to keep a time sheet
This position could be suitable for a job share/couple

Pay scale

  • Award rate will be a for a G1 part-time caretaker from the School Caretakers and Cleaners collective contract

Property Checklist