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Property Manager:

  • Is responsible for the physical school environs


  1. To oversee the school's cyclic maintenance
  2. To manage the health and safety of the school site and civil defence matters

Policies: Health and Safety Pandemic Planning Emergency Procedures

Job Description – Property/Maintenance officer

  1. Ideally the appointment of the Board of Trustees member for this position on the Board of Warrington School would have an interest in the Maintenance/Handyperson field enabling them to carry out minor maintenance/repairs that arise, thus saving the cost of employing commercial concerns which would result in considerable savings to the school’s maintenance budget.
  2. Also the person may have the knowledge of different fields of involvement of local trades people and parents who may be able to help with these tasks on a more voluntary basis or at a cheaper rate of payment.
  3. As a means of saving monies, the Property Person can if possible organise workdays etc. using voluntary labour. This is an important facet of the position at this particular school.
  4. Monthly report to the Board of Trustees meetings – discuss any issues needing attention. To be familiar with the 10 year Property Plan and contact consultants, MOE as necessary.
  5. Adhere to 10 year Maintenance Plan as much as possible.
  • More formal functions of position are as follows:

Property occupancy document and property asset schedule:

As the initial signing of the Property Occupancy Document and its compilation has already taken place regular discussion with Ministry re school land, buildings and maintenance obligations will be all that is required under this category.

Capital Works Programme:

Assess needs and discuss with Ministry as required.

Long Term Maintenance:

Discuss extraordinary and major maintenance and capital works needs with Ministry. Liaise with consultants employed to survey forward maintenance