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  • To Chair monthly Board of Trustees meetings.
  • To ensure that the School is running in accordance with its Charter and Policies.
  • To be available to staff and parents when appropriate or necessary.
  • To coordinate and delegate tasks to Board members.
  • To receive all correspondence to the Board and to respond to these where appropriate.
  • To manage and implement the Principal’s Appraisal cycle.
  • To chair all internal committees re employment matters.
  • To maintain the Chairperson’s filing system, independently of the school office.
  • To represent Warrington School at community and public functions.
  • Is responsible for the overall governance of the school.


  • To oversee the running of the school through the principal.
  • To guide the strategic development of the school.
  • To manage Board meetings.
  • To oversee the principal's appraisal.
  • Guides these Policies and procedures:
Principal's Appraisal