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Welcome Flat Volunteer Hut Warden Survey (post project)

NAME_________________________ DATE________________________

  • 1. How did you find out about this volunteer position?

  • 2. Have you been involved in conservation volunteer work for DOC before?

No - Once or twice - Many times

  • 3. Overall, what did you think of the Welcome Flat volunteer programme?

Very good - Good - Poor - Very Poor - Neutral

  • 4. How would you rate the following features of this volunteer programme?
Very Good Good Neutral Poor Very Poor Not used
Information provided before volunteering (info-pack etc)
Food – reimbursement, flown to Welcome Flat etc
Transport – to and from Copland trailhead, vehicle storage
Fox accommodation
Hut warden accommodation
Induction/training process
Information and support provided while at Welcome Flat
Amount of time required to complete daily duties
Range/variety of duties
Atmosphere of the team of volunteers and staff involved
  • 5. Any further explanations relating to answers given in question?
  • 6. What was the best thing about being involved in this volunteer hut warden programme?
  • 7. What would you change about this volunteer programme?
  • 8. Would you be interested in volunteering as hut warden at Welcome Flat again?


  • 9. Would you be interested in participating in other DOC volunteer programmes?


  • 10. Would you recommend the Welcome Flat volunteer programme to others?


  • 11. Do you wish to receive a volunteer newsletter two or three times a year?


  • 12. Other comments/feedback: