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Welcome to the Digital Technologies course at Waimate High School. This level one course has been designed to give you opportunity to learn skills that are needed to participate fully in a digital society. The course is a mixture of internally and externally assessed achievement standards. The course will enable you to be assessed in simple computer programming, media design and publishing, office technologies, computer hardware and maintenance. The course materials are delivered via the internet using educo http://educo.vln.school.nzwhich will allow you to have access to learning support using any internet enabled computer. You will have 4 one hour lessons per week.


It is recommended, though not essential to have successfully studied Level Two Computing.

This course leads to:

University entrance, further education or careers using digital technologies.

For more information contact: Dr T Storr

Year Plan for 2011

Term 1

Topic Standards Assessed
Introduction to 2011 na
Design & Print - word processing US112 Produce business or organisational information using word processing functions 5 credits Internal
Design and Print - desktop publishing
US2789 Produce desktop published documents for organisation use 6 credits Internal

Term 2

Topic Standards Assessed
working with numbers - spreadsheets US2785 Create a computer spreadsheet to provide a solution for organisation use 5 credits Internal
Digital design - websites (start) US25658 Create a website for a stakeholder using a dedicated web-authoring tool 5 credits Internal

Term 3

Topic Standards Assessed
Digital design - websites (finish)
Investigation (if time)

US25782 Investigate the use of Information and Communications Technology in an organisation 6 credits Internal

Term 4

Topic Standards Assessed
Re-assessment opportunities any standards that require re-assessment

General Information


The Assessment Policy and Procedures as set out by Waimate High School will be followed for Level 3 Digital Technology.


You are expected to attend class on a regular basis as set out in the school policy on attendance.


Assessment work completed must be your own work. You and your caregivers will be expected to sign authenticity declarations and, where appropriate, submit working drafts. Where evidence indicates work presented is not your own work the policy will be followed.


Appeals of grades awarded are to be made within 5 school days of the return of assessed work. Where a grade is appealed, school policy will be followed.

Late Work

DUE DATE means just that! Late work will not be accepted for assessment unless exceptional circumstances exist and extension has been granted by the HOD before the due date.

Verifying Grades

You will be required to verify the grades that you have been awarded by signing the result slip attached to each piece of internally assessed work. Students will also be required to verify the final grades awarded that are submitted to NZQA.

Compassionate Considerations:

Internal Achievement Standards – Compassionate consideration for a student who is absent from an internal assessment may be made if there is sufficient evidence available from other work related to the same skill/content and no other assessment opportunity is available.

External Achievement Standards – NZQA guidelines will be followed.

Retention of Student Work

Your internal assessment material will be retained by the department until it is no longer required for moderation purposes.

Student Obligations

  1. Ensure you understand the assessment programme and policy.
  2. Check thoroughly the accuracy of the assessment by teachers when work is returned.
  3. Ensure you understand requirements of each assessment being completed.
  4. Discuss problems/concerns with the Teacher/HOD.

Reassessment Opportunities

School policy states that further assessment opportunities for reporting purposes will only be available to those students, who did not achieve credit, and where further learning has occurred and it is feasible and/or practicable to offer a further assessment opportunity. You will have the following Reassessment Opportunities:

Standard Reassessment Opportunity
US112 ONE – Providing there were only minimal errors and time allows.
US2789 ONE – Providing there were only minimal errors and time allows.
US2785 ONE – Providing there were only minimal errors and time allows.
US25658 ONE – Providing there were only minimal errors and time allows.
US25782 ONE – Providing there were only minimal errors and time allows.