Waimate High School/OER projects/DT resources/Y9/Introductory Activities 2011

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Make your First ePortfolio

  1.  Using the document VLN Portfolio getting started' as a guide, create a profile on the VLN ePortfolio.
  2.  You will need to have a recent photograph of yourself (cameras may be available) and also complete the profile with relevant information.
  3.  Create a view that has in it your best work from last year. You will need to upload or link to examples of your work to do this. The work can be from any subject.
  4.  Share your view with the group 'WHS Y9 Digital Technologies'
  5.  Create a blog called ' Digital Technologies Blog' and share it with our group
  6.  Write a blog post that describes what you want to get out of Digital Technologies this year and why you chose this subject

Presentations in Googledocs

  1. Work in groups of 3 or 4
  2. One person in the group needs to create a presentation and share it with the other people in your group
  3. Working together, collaboratively produce a presentation about either Waimate or New Zealand
  4. The presentation should include a mixture of words and images
  5. The audience for your presentation is your parents  (they will very likely see these in the next few weeks)