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  1. explain the concept and scope of educational management;
  2. describe the principles and types of educational management;
  3. narrate the organisational climate; and
  4. pinpoint the job satisfaction of the teacher



education is a universal practice in all the stage of development. education represents the total process of human learning. through education knowledge is imparted,faculties training and skills developed. schooling cultural reproductive system.


after going through this unit,you will be able to:

  • explain the concept,nature and scope of educational management;
  • describe the principles and types of educational management;
  • narrate the organisational climate; and
  • pinpoint the job satisfaction of the teacher.

educational management

management plays an important role in teaching learning. when the quality,structure,administration,environment,resources,externan coopration,social involment of an educational institution seem to go smoothly in a proper way,it is because of the process called educational management.

educational manadement-meaning

management means many things more than checking the clerical work and that putting signatures here and ther. many think that management is managerial personnel doing certain task. some concider management as an art. to some it is ascience with a systematic body of knowledge. management is all these and much more. management is a universel process by which an organisation realizes in a planned way.

scope of educational management

the areas or fields where educational management has to be carried out are the scope of educational management. the activities which help to attain educational goals are the part of educational management. human resources are also the parts of educational management. so the scope of educational management is related to:

  1. development related goals
  2. planning and implementing the programmes
  3. administration
  4. solving the problems
  5. professional development
  6. evaluation and its consequences.

while planning the scope of educational management,some aspects have to be kept in mind,viz.,

  • planning and actualization
  • organisation
  • proper leadership
  • coordinating
  • controlling

objectives of educational mamagement

functions of educational management

principles of educational management

the underlying principles of educational management are;

  • scientific management
  • human relationship
  • management process
  • behavioural science
  • quantitative approach
  • system


  • and
  • operational opproach

the principles of educational management very much depend on the theory of education. it also depends on social and cultural policies also.

seven principles of educational management

type of educational management

organisational climate

job satisfaction of the teachers

let us sum up

unit end exercises

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