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Connect, Share Innovate!


The Wikieducator Innovation Network arises out of a need for WE to support and encourage innovation for WikiMasters and Newbies alike. Often, when folks are testing innovative ideas and approaches, they encounter difficult organizational challenges; resistance from colleagues; and even self-doubt.

WE envision WIN Webconferences as a regular communications tool, where Wikieducators can sharing information and insights about how they developed 'good enough practices', learning from the Open Source culture, and supporting each other as we achieve individual objectives and grow our community.

There is no formal requirement to attend these Webconferences - in fact, we invite you to bring along a colleague or two! We're here to learn and build our community!

Who is this for?

For Educational Institutions

  • wanting to connect with other educational institutions and engage in dialogue regarding copyright practices, migration and deployment issues.
  • wanting to operationalize the Cape Town Declaration
  • wishing to explore WikiPublishing options
  • dedicating instructional development resources

For Organizations

  • wanting to connect with other organizations
  • reducing development costs
  • increasing flexibility and reach

For Individuals / Leaders

  • according to their interests and collaboration interests

Wikieducator Innovation Network - Connect, Share, Innovate

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