WIFIP OER Experience by Jennipher Kere

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My experience in this workshop has ignited a deep reflection on our organizational ODL practices and how these can be improved to embrace the global growing need for e-learning in general and OER in particular.


WIFIP is an Education and development focused Non Governmental Organization based in Kenya. Our learning communities are found on fishing beaches of inland and coastal waters and in informal settlements within urban areas.

Materials Design & Development

Curriculum design and development starts off the process of programmes and materials development. The curriculum is used as the basis for developing and producing audio/radio programmes which are systematically distributed to learners to use when and where they find appropriate.

Learning Organization

Learning is organized to take place in small groups of 20 - 25 members, using dramatised series of radio/audio and copmlementary print materials. The obvious focus therefore is, to take e-learning to the semi-literate and illiterate grassroots learning communities. Issues to address first and foremost would include infrastructure development mainly power/electricity, and access to and training on use of the appropriate and desired modern technology. Sharing and building their wide range of ideas, questions and knowledge would be a pleasant experience to the learning communities and a boost to their confidence and self-esteem.


I believe that with partnerships and collaboration of relevant institutions and individuals, this is not a venture impossible. Collaboration between instituitions of higher learning and NGOs has been ellusive in the past yet they are both crucial and important in facilitating livelihoods development of the rural and urban poor.