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Respecting WE tradition and diversity

The Mackintosh Clan - 2008. Front row: Wendy, Anthony, Jesssica; Back row: Catherine (& Berry the family cat), Wayne.
I realise that many WikiEducators do not celebrate Christmas, and WE should be mindful and respectful of the cultural diversity in our community.

Irrespective of our creed or beliefs, as we prepare for the new calendar year WE can reflect on what we have achieved, and can think about self-improvement for the future.

Our extended family are located in different parts of the world so brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents don't get to see us too often. The Mackintosh clan have a tradition of taking a family photograph at Christmas time which is sent to all and sundry by means of a framed greeting card with a photo insert -- and yes, the traditional way via snail mail. This way the extended family get to see and compare how our children have grown and have the opportunity to assess how the parents have aged since last year's photo. This got me thinking about an annual feature for WikiEducators to reflect on the past year and to post their WE resolutions for the new year. I'll undertake to post a copy of the Mackintosh clan photo in with the institution of an annual WE Reflections and Resolutions feature. I hope that this will become a regular feature in our wiki (My first WE resolution for 2009 and beyond).

Reflections: My personal WE highlights for 2008

Comparing growth of new WikiEducator registered accounts

2008 has been an amazing year for WikiEducator. Our strategic plan for 2008 focused community attention on scaling-up OER operations.

My WE resolutions for 2009