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Hi,I am Dr.Vishwas Tripathi from India.I recently joined as a Faculty Associate in School of Biotechnology,[[1]] Gautam buddha university Greter Noida,India.I have done masters in Microbiology and PhD in Biotechnology.My research ares are Expression and signaling study of coreceptors of HIV in human placenta.My hobbies are observing and enjoiying nature,motivating people and reading inspiring books.

Academic profile PhD in Biotechnology MSc-Microbiology


June, 2010 onwards: Faculty Associate, School of Biotechnology,

Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, UP

Senior Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology, L.P. University, Jalandhar (2009-2010)

SRF-AIIMS, New Delhi (2006-2009)

JRF-AIIMS, New Delhi (2005-2006)

Area of Interest

Expression study of co-receptors of HIV in Human placenta

Cell Signaling and molecular biology


CSIR/UGC- NET - Junior Research Fellowship

CSIR/UGC-Senior Research Fellowship


Keystone fellowship, USA

June,2010-Faculty Associate- School of Biotechnology Gautam Buddha University,Greter Noida,India 2009-10- senior Lecturer-L.P.University,Jalandhar 2009-2006- SRF,AIIMS,New Delhi 2005-06- JRF,AIIMS,New Delhi. File:GBU vishwastripathi.png


1. Vishwas Tripathi, Romsha Verma,Amit Dinda, Neena Malhotra, Jagdeep Kaur Kalpana Luthra, Differential Expression of RDC1/CXCR7 in the Human Placenta, J Clin Immunol. 2009 May; 29 (3):379-86. (First report)

2. Baweja RB, Zaman MS, Mattoo AR, Sharma K, Tripathi Vishwas, Aggarwal A, Dubey GP, Kurupati RK, Ganguli M, Chaudhury NK, Sen S, Das TK, Gade WN, Singh Y Properties of Bacillus anthracis spores prepared under various environmental conditions, Arch Microbiol, (2008) 189:71–79.

3. Vishwas Tripathi, Romsha Kumar, Jagdeep Kaur, Kalpana Luthra, RDC1 (A coreceptor of HIV-1) expression in JEG-3 cells. (Accepted in Int. Jr. of curr. Chem)

Abstract published/Conference/seminar/symposium attended

1. National symposium on “Biotech 2004 challenges & opportunities”, 13th-15th October, 2004, New Delhi.

2. International conference on “Traditional Indian medicine for HIV/AIDS”, 9th -10th September, 2006, New Delhi, organized by John Hopkins University, USA & ICMR, India.

3. Symposium on “molecular aspects of Atherosclerosis and related metabolic disorders”, 2005 at AIIMS, New Delhi.

4. Abstract published on world AIDS Day-China, 2006, (International conference)Title-“Host genetics and HIV-1 resistance”, Kalpana Luthra, Romsha Verma, Alok kumar, Omkar chodhary, Vishwas Tripathi, Kavita Rajsekhar,Rama Bhasin,Naveet Wig, B.M.Tripathi.

5. National conference on Immunology, “33rd annual conference of the Indian immunology society, IMMCON-2007”, 28th-31st January, 2007, at AIIMS, New Delhi.

6. Abstract published on” International Conference on Opportunistic Pathogens in AIDS (ICOPA) and 3rd National Conference of Laboratory Medicine (LABCON-3)" title-“-“SDF-1 polymorphism and HIV-1 resistance”, Alok chodhary,Romsha Verma, Vishwas Tripathi, Omkar chodhary,27th - 29th March, 2006 at All India institute of medical sciences, New Delhi.

7. Abstract published as “Differential expression of RDC1 in the Huma Placenta”, Vishwas Tripathi, Romsha Verma, Amit Dinda, Neena Malhotra, Jagddep Kaur, Kalpana Luthra “International congress on Bio-immunoregulatory mechanisms associated with reproductive organs: relevance in fertility and in sexually transmitted infections” at National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi,9th -13th February,2009.