Visual Design for Online Content

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About this Course

This course, Visual Design for Distance Education Content, covers many tips to help you successfully create the navigation, layout, colors and design of your course content.

  • Overview: General discussion on the modules and the content.
  • Module 1: How good design helps learning.
  • Module 2: Applying the concept of user-centered design to the navigation of your content.
  • Module 3: Using color to enhance readability of content.
  • Module 4: Using text and layout to enhance the readability of your content.
  • Module 5: Graphics and when not to use images.
  • Conclusion: Supporting resources for your use. This section also contains a short course evaluation to help us improve our mini-courses.

How to Proceed

You can proceed through this mini-course at your own pace! Modules can be viewed in any order you wish. We have provided you with examples, reading material, external links, and examples that will help you to apply what you have learned. You can e-mail Robin Bartoletti with your questions.


There are a couple of interactions in this course made with Adobe Flash. You will need to download and install Adobe Flash Player if you do not have it installed currently.