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Website hosting

In order for you website to be available on the Internet it needs to be placed on a computer attached to the internet. While it’s possible to host your website yourself, it requires dedicating a powerful PC server to that purpose and making sure it’s running and accessible to the internet 24 hours a day. If you want to have interactive functionality, (such as database access or, forms processing) or the ability to run server side programs (usually written in ASP/ASP.NET or PHP) you will need to have Web Server software installed.

Costs will be based on the amount of storage and bandwidth (amount of traffic in and out of your site) you require, and add-on services such as e-mail accounts.

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Website hosting

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Identify web hosts in NZ and internationally

Web hosting choices

There are many providers who will provide free web hosting. In many cases the web host will provide templates that are used to create your site. Google provides sites as a free template driven web site solution. Note that you may not need a traditional web host and a Blog (, ) or Wiki ( may suit you.

New Zealand

  • HostingDirect(2009)[1]
    • Starter, $6/month, 250MB, 2 domain names, 5 email accounts, 2 MySQL 5 Databases, 2 FTP Accounts
    • Business, $15/month, 600MB, 5 domain names, 30 email accounts, 5 MySQL 5 Databases, 20 FTP accounts
    • Unmetered, $26/month, all other features unmetered
  • iSERVE (2009)[2]
    • Domain Name registration - free
    • Basic: $20/28 days. 20MB. 7GB traffic. Linux/Windows. PHP/ASP. Daily backup
    • Enhanced: $60/28 days.60MB. 7GB traffic/site (multiple sites). Linux/Windows. PHP/ASP. Daily backup.
  • The Kiwi Web Hosting Company™(2008)[3]
    • Domain Name Registration $39.95/year
    • $1-A-Week Web Hosting Account .$52 per year (+ GST)
      • Personalised place on the web. Virtual hosting (eg, 5 POP Email Addresses, 10 MB Disk Space, 1 GB traffic/month, 1 MySQL database
    • Premium Web Hosting Account $14.95 per month or $149.95 per year (+ GST)*
      • Small businesses, organisations and home users. Virtual hosting (eg, 25 POP Email Addresses, 100 MB Disk Space, 4 GB traffic/month, Secure server, CGI, PHP, 5 MySQL databases
    • Lifetime Web Hosting Account $2495 (inc GST) One off payment
      • Premium account plus Unlimited traffic, unlimited email and 1 GB of disk space.
  • WebBase ( )
  • Hosting-NZ ( )
  • WebPronto ( )
  • HostHaste ( )
  • OpenHost ( )


  • Google sites (via iGoogle) -Free
  • Weebly - Free CMS based( )
  • United States Brinkster (2009).[4]
    • Rookie, US$4/month, 200GB, 2,000GB traffic, 50 email accounts, ASP, PHP
    • Pro, US$10/month, 350GB, 3,500GB traffic, 500 email accounts, ASP, PHP, 1 x 250MB mySQL database
    • Advanced, US$28/month, 500GB, 6,000GB traffic, 2,000 email accounts, ASP, PHP, 1 x 250MB mySQL database, 1 x 250MB MSSQL Server
    • Samples:
  • BlueHost ( )

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