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Web examples

Design and aesthetics can be very personal. This page presents some examples (and links to examples) highlighting good and bad design (Note web examples have a habit of changing!)

Flash enabled Web Sites

  • The Phantom of the Opera. (Warner Bros Entertainment, 2004) [1]

Cold fusion web site, with Flash frontend

  • Harry Potter (Rowling, 2004)[2]
    • Note the intro page links to the flash enabled JK Rowling desktop. If you have popups disabled a page asking you to turn on the popups then re-enter the site... just click on re-enter the site and it will still work..


Case studies

2010 Sample Web design
  • Comments
2010 Sample Web design
  • Comments: a Minneapolis-based company that believes in the power of simplicity.

Not cool is a good example of why animated GIF's should never be used as the background of a webpage.

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