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Kim Hagen-Hall's Research Proposal (or Report) template

  • Title
  • Abstract
    • Outline of paper/proposal
    • What the research will involve
    • Research questions/hypothesis
    • Research Methods
    • How you will analyse the data
  • Introduction [Background]
    • Why you chose the topic
    • Links to previous research
    • Why this is different or unique
    • Research objectives, questions or hypothesis
    • Justify why the research you are proposing is important or significant
  • Literature Review
    • Literature that supports the research question. Identify areas for further research from the current literature
  • Research Methodology
    • Paradigm and epistemology
    • Show how you used the lit review to create your own methodology
  • Research Design and Method / Findings
    • data gathered
    • Sample
    • process
    • constructs
    • Exogenous Variables
    • reliability and validity
    • construct validity
    • strengths and weaknesses of the method
  • Analysis and Discussion
    • Limitations of the study
    • Ethical Considerations
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of main findings
    • Quick summary of limitations of the study
    • Areas for future research
  • Bibliography (if appropriate - usually needed for research project reports, not for journal articles)
  • References