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Session 2: Learning Activities

  • 2.1 In groups of 3, review the reports you wrote after the last session
Does it target the question?
Does it cite correctly?
Is it summarised / synthesized or copied?
Does it show critical thinking?
Rewrite if needed!
  • 2.2. Quick Review of Research Template: what to do now?
Usually you write the final sections in this order: Conclusion, Introduction, Abstract/Executive Sumamry
  • 2.3. Writing Conclusions
Discussion: What is a conclusion?
Presentation (Kim): Key points to make
Activity: Write a conclusion to your report.
  • 2.4. Writing Introductions
Discussion: What is an Introduction?
Presentation (Kim): Key points to make
Activity: Write an introduction to your report.
  • 2.5. Writing Abstracts/Executive Summaries
Discussion: What is an Abstract or Executive Summary? What is it used for?
Presentation (Kim): Key points to make
Activity: Write an abstract for your report.
  • 2.6 Review
In groups of 3, review each others' reports, asking:

Does it answer the research question? Are the abstract, introduction and conclusion each suitable? Is the information synthesized (good) or copied (bad)? Is the report referenced correctly?

  • 2.7 Where to now.

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