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How to write your Introduction

The introduction should summarise the main points you are about to cover. It will just overview the main points; not provide "real" information at this point.

For example:

  • Right: "This report will summarise the literature on the benefits and costs of providing podcasts in a tertiary setting, and describe a year-long study in which podcasts were provided for three tertiary-level courses."
  • Wrong: "This report will descibe how podcasts provided benefits to international students, who could listen to the podcast repeatedly until they understood the language used."

Note: this is the opposite of what's needed in the conclusion.

The introduction should also state:

  • Why you chose the research
  • Why your research is different, unique or original
    • e.g. it hasn't been done before, it hasn't been done in a New Zealand context, the focus is different to previous research in the area
  • Why your research is important or significant
    • e.g. This research provides useful information for teachers considering podcasts
    • e.g. Tthis research identifies the main costs of providing podcasts.
  • Your research objectives, questions or hypotheses.
    • e.g. "This report asks the following questions: 1. Are there benefits to providing podcasts to tertiary students; and 2. What are the costs involved?
  • You may be able to find out what to say from your assignment handout.