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How to write your Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarise the main points of the report. It should contain real information - for example:

Wrong: "This report studied the benefits and costs of creating podcasts"

Right: "This report found that podcasts allowed students to review the topic without adding new information, and particularly helped international students who may have missed words in the original class. However there is a large cost in lecturer time to record, edit and upload the podcasts."

The conclusion should also state:

Limitations of the report e.g. "only articles after 2010 were reviewed", "the study only involved 20 participants" Ethical considerations (where relevant)

Areas for future research e.g. "in the future, this study could be conducted on a larger scale to validate the results". e.g. "in the future, the literature review could be widened to include all articles since 1990." e.g. "The authors anticipate applying these conclusions to a case study to test their validity in a real-world context."