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Over many years I have been using MS-Word for Research including working on my PhD thesis. This workshop will explore techniques that I have found useful when using Microsoft Word (It is hoped participants will also share things they have found useful).

The techniques covered include: finding a lost toolbar, increasing screen real estate, quick stuff (fonts, format painter, tables, field-sum), reviewing (track changes), Table of contents, picture tools, styles, referencing, Web APA referencing using a macro.


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By the end of this section you will be able to:

  • Use Word as a tool for research

Quick stuff

  • Font for readability : Century Schoolbook
  • Resetting to normal font – highlight text then ctrl+[space]
  • Using the format painter
  • In a table
    • use [Ctrl]+[Tab] to get a tab.
    • Use tab in bottom right cell to add new row.

Toolbar and Ribbon

To hide/show the Ribbon bar

  • Double click on one of the tabs

Screen techniques

Always (well mostly) drag using corner handles. In images will often preserve height and width, in other windows means you can do two sizing directions at once.

  • Use [ctrl] + wheel mouse to increase/decrease document size.
  • Double click on the tab to minimise/maximise the ribbon toolbar

Using styles

Use styles to format your documents (Avoid Font Format) . Why?

  • For headings if you use styles you can use automatic table of contents. This is really helpful when you create a document spanning lots of pages. You can use the ToC to check that the document makes sense overall.
  • For paragraphs. You can change the whole documents formatting by just changing the style.

Table of Contents (ToC)

  • Creating
  • Updating


Word allows table and figures to be automatically numbered

  • Tables
  • Figures
  • Updating
    • Select all ([Ctrl]+[A] ) then [F9] to refresh. Updates all newly inserted figure and table references also.

(Needs investigating [MV] - came from an editor = I prefer to use word for referencing with the build-it source management and then bibwordextender for acm)

Working with images

  • Screen dump (Alt+Prt Scr) then copy to word doc (ctrl+v),
  • Use the crop tool to cut of undesirable stuff. Then use compress the image to shrink the image


Reviewing or Tracking changes

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