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Web Searching Basic

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Assessed Activity 4.1 (2016) Web Searching [3 marks]
  1. In your web site, create a new page called search_basic.html (and link this from the first page - index.html)
  2. Create an ordered list in the following format (Note the answers are an indented unordered list).


  1. What do triskaidekaphobes have a fear of?
    • Fear of ....
  2. The phrase “In a Jiffy” is used often, how long is a Jiffy?
    • A jiffy is ....

1. Answer 6 of the following questions

  1. What do triskaidekaphobes have a fear of?
  2. The phrase “In a Jiffy” is used often, how long is a Jiffy?
  3. The highest temperature ever recorded in the world
  4. Although identified with Scotland, bagpipes are a very ancient instrument, where did they come from
  5. What is Donald Duck’s middle name and where does he live
  6. What colour is the blood of lobsters
  7. Which country was the first to use paper money
  8. What was the first man-made invention to break the sound barrier
  9. What European capital used to be called Lutetia?
  10. What animal’s milk is used to make authentic Italian mozzarella cheese?
  11. Which former All Black forward was the only one to feature in the top 10 of all time drop goal scorers in NZ rugby?
  12. What is the only man made structure that can be seen from outer space
  13. What is the largest animal made structure in the world
  14. The Zloty is a unit of currency in which country
  15. If you had tinnitus, from what would you be suffering?
  16. Which planet is known as the Red Planet?
  17. The first Bond movie was released in 1964. What was the title?
  18. Which computer device has a "bezel?"
  19. 'WYSIWYG' is a computer word. But what does it stand for?
  20. Most people have heard of an IBM PC, what do the letters IBM stand for

2. Add four more questions and answers of your own. The question/answers should be a little unusual and on things that are not well known.


Marks will be awarded based on the completeness of your submission