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HTML Basics

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Assessed Activity 2 (2016) HTML Basics [5 marks]

In this task you are to create a simple linked web site that you will use to manage your answers to future activities in this course. The web site is to be hosted on your home drive and not on the Internet.

For this activity the Web site must contain :

  • File names
    • index.html (home page - will link to the following pages)
      • me.html
      • webtech.html
      • links.html (Will contain links to sites related to your topic)

For the;

  • home page (index.html)
    • demonstrate use of <head><title><body>
    • A comment containing your name
    • Main heading <h1> with "<Your Name> 's ITWD5.320 Amazing Web site"
    • A paragraph explaining what this web site is about (bold something in the text).
    • A horizontal line
    • three hyperlinks to other pages
  • me
    • Put in a heading 2 ( <h2> as the main heading )
    • Write something about you
    • Include a list that has your interests with a little about them.
  • Webtech
    • Put in a heading 2 ( <h2> as the main heading )
    • Include a table with a header row and borders. The first colum contains what technology you use on the internet ( can be hardware or software) and the second column a description. E.g. Chrome: to browse the Internet; iPhone: email, surf web, iCloud, ...
  • Links page
    • Put in a heading 2 ( <h2> as the main heading )
    • Demonstrate use of a link to either me or webtech
    • Include a link to a site that related to the Internet and/or Web development
    • Include a link to a blog site


Marks will be awarded based on the completeness of your submission