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The EIT Online (Moodle) Wiki

  • What is it?

A wiki is a collection of collaboratively authored web documents. Basically, a wiki page is a web page everyone in your class can create together, right in the browser, without needing to know HTML. A wiki starts with one front page. Each author can add other pages to the wiki by simply creating a link to a page that doesn't exist yet. Wiki module

In Moodle (From Version 2) you have a choice of a collabrative wiki (which anyone can edit) or individual wiki (only you can edit).

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: What is a wiki in Moodle?

  • Read the page Wiki Module and watch the video on the page
  • Notes on use
    • Only one person can edit. Other participant is locked out so they don't overwrite. This means if someone stays on edit page no one else can edit.
    • Adding multimedia can challenge participant's ICT skills
  • How can they be used in EITOnline (Moodle)
    • Organise groups
    • Organise presentation times
    • Organise student/topic lists
    • Student collaboratively write article
    • Students collaboratively answer a series of questions
    • Self-assessment for online participation

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Assessed Activity WS2.1 (2016) EIT Online wiki

In EITOnline add your blog link to Student names and links Wiki (Note this is only available for EIT Students)

  • Source: Moodle Wiki


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