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Resources to work through

  1. Wiki
    1. Overview
    2. Wikis in teaching and learning and the follow up presentation (includes pedagogies for Online learning) Using Web 2.0 in Teaching and Learning: A wiki case study
  2. Wiki in DLT

Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
Moodle wiki Read Wiki Module (include watch video) 10 min
Add blog url to Moodle wiki Add blog url to Moodle wiki. Be aware that only one student can edit a Moodle wiki at a time 5 min (EITOnline)
vMVwiki create user Use superquick wiki guide to create a user in vmvWiki and add something about yourself. 10 min Superquick wiki guide
vMVwiki add yourself to class register Read the note at the start of the page then in vMVwiki add yourself to class register. Include a link to your userid page. Hint: you can use ~~~~ 10 min VirtualMV/Digital_Learning_Technologies/Register
Add wiki user url to Moodle wiki EIT Students only: Add link to your wikiuser page to Moodle (EITOnline) wiki. 5 min (EITOnline)
Make changes to a wiki Access one of the user pages from another student and change the page. You may wish to add a comment. Don't forget to sign the change using ~~~~. 5 min Check VirtualMV/Digital_Learning_Technologies/Register