VirtualMV/Digital Learning Technologies/Week 7

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Networking technologies

This week we will look at ePortfolios and look at some examples of online courses

Resources to work through

  1. View the page ePortfolios

For the activity session

  1. Read LMS(Moodle)
  2. ReadOnline Courseware Examples

Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
View slideshare presentations from Helen Barrett Review content and understand how portfolios can be used to enhance deep learning 10 min ePortfolios
Create an ePortfolio Create a Mahara ePorfolio in MyPortfolio (Activity 7.1) 20 min ePortfolios
Complete Blog post Describe features of an ePortfolio (Activity 7.1) 20 min ePortfolios
MyPortfolio Continue adding to MyPortfolio 20 min
Moodle Activities Complete Moodle Activities 20 min Moodle Activities
Online course activity Find and discuss an example of an online course (Activity 7.2) 20 min Digital Learning Technologies/Online Courseware Examples/Home