VirtualMV/Digital Learning Technologies/Week 5

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  • Pedagogies 2.1 (e.g. OTARA, learning styles, face2face->blended->online)
This week we will explore the different ways to develop digital learning resources, and create a simple learning activity.

Resources to work through

  1. Pedagogies

Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
1. Read the wiki pages on Pedagogies
  1. Understand different ways to learn
  2. Watch google docs presentation "The big picture of learning design" from EIT
10 min Pedagogies
2. Read the wiki pages on Pedagogie approaches
  1. Understand different pedagogical approaches
10 min Pedagogical Approaches
3. Read the wiki pages on Pedagogical design models
  1. Describe the difference between: Addie, rapid prototyping and OTARA
10 min Pedagogical Instructional Design Models
4. Design and build a learning activity
  1. Choose one of the models and create a learning activity
  2. Use an online tool to develop the resource (Google docs is suggested)
40 min Instructional Design Models Activity
5. Present your activity to the class
  1. Deliver a presentation on your learning activity. In class this will be done using Adobe connect. If you are working remotely experiment with creating a slideshare presentation where you go through the methodology steps and use your learning activity to illustrate the steps.
40 min Instructional Design Models Activity