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Digital safety, responsibility & risk

This week we will consider digital safety, responsibility & risks, and organisational policies

Resources to work through

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Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
Activity 11.0


  • Access the Progress report Google doc (in EITOnline) and update
  • Update the register with your project topic/url.
5 min Register
Activity 11.1

There is a lot of discussion regarding the safety, responsibility, and risks of using digital technologies. In this exercise I would like you to

  • List a concern you have under each of the headings, then
  • do a search to find an article on the web related to one of the concerns listed, add the hyperlink and make a comment.
20 min Instructions: Safety, responsibility, risks

Use the DLT: Safety, responsibility, risks Google document

Activity 11.2

In order to manage safety, responsibility and risks most organisations will publish Policies to both staff and students/employees/users. Search the web for policy documents related to the use of digital technologies and add the url with a brief comment the the Google document (e.g. Highlight a policy you think is very relevant, or unusual , etc).

20min Instructions: Safety, responsibility, risks

Use the DLT: Safety, Responsibility and risk: Policy Documents Google document

Project Time to work on your project 100 min