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Personal Learning Networks

Following completion of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand what an Personal Learning Network is.
  • explore a range of PLN related technologies.

Example PLNs

The following PLN's were created by Students from EIT and are in my VirtualMVwiki


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Personal Learning Network Presentation


  1. Open Google Document following
  2. Start the Adobe Connect Presentation from Joyce Seitzinger (link in EIT Online).

The slides for the 2016 presentation are available at

The slides for the 2014 presentation are available at

  1. While watching the video add comments and share your thoughts on the following Google Document
  2. Once completed proceed to the 2014 MyPLN activity

Google Document


Further resources

Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) Easily Explained

The following youtube clip easily explains personal learning networks. Personal Learning Networks

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