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Extending wiki/blog

  • DLT Extending Wiki/Blog: (e.g. Templates, widgets, extensions)
This week we will look at how blogs and wikis are extended to increase their functionality.

Resources to work through

  1. Extending wikis and blogs

Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
1. Read extending MediaWiki Understand how to extend mediawiki 10 min Extending MediaWiki
2. Add an APA reference for wikipedia Use the cite extension to add an APA reference from Wikipedia to your user page 5 min
3. Use Pedagogical template (box) Add one of the following boxes to your user page (Note, Notes, Objective(s), Example(s), KeyPoint(s), More, Question(s),NZ, Activity) 10 min Quick tips See Boxes
4. Read about pedagogical templates in WikiEducator Review what pedagogical templates (or iDevices) are available in WikiEducator 10 min WikiEducator Quickstart guide/pedagogical templates
5. Adding computer source code to mediawiki Using the vmv:Source template add some source code to your user page 10 min Quick tips See Adding computer source code
6. Extend your WordPress blog Add a twitter feed and calendar to your WordPress blog 10 min Extending WordPress
7. Add an RSS feed to MediaWiki Add an RSS feed from your Blog to your user page in vMVwiki 10 min vMVwiki Main page Look at code and find widget:Feed