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Technology skills for teachers

Cartoon of a tutor with all the multimedia delivery tools

In order to create Digital artifacts for teaching and learning teachers must have a variety of skills.

Skills include the ability to

  • Create Word processing documents (e.g. Office, or cloud document editors like Google docs)
  • Create Multimedia elements (images, audio, video)
  • Combine media (in a web page, using a presentation tool)

Video: Interactive Multimedia (Takes a lot of preparation and practice)

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Assessed Blog Activity 3.3 (2016) Skills for teachers.

1. Using (Kharbach, 2015) and one of the others listed (or one you have found), create a blog post that lists the IT skills desirable for teachers to develop courseware using DLT. In the post combine the skills and divide them into basic, intermediate and advanced skills.

Must include:

Other references can be found (and added) on the source page.

  • Source: DLT Skills

Further references

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Technology skills for learners

This does depend on the level of student. Obviously the skills needed by a pre-schooler will be significantly different from those of an IT Degree student. However, when developing course material it is important to consider the skill set of the students you expect to use the content. In the "old" days text books were often rated using a "reading" level scale.

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